From time to time children become unwell with short term illness.  When children have a temperature they should not be attending school, returning when they are well enough to manage the school day without medication.  Should your child become unwell during the day we will contact you to collect them.  

We follow the guidance for infectious diseases which includes conditions like diarrhoea and vomiting, colds, chicken pox and flu.  We ask you to observe the time frames before returning to school; for example 48 hours for diarrhoea & vomiting to stop the spread and help keep our school community safe and healthy.

Sometimes children need to complete a course of antibiotics.  School is only able to administer those which are need to be taken 4 times a day.  In order to do this, parents must complete a permission form which is located in the school office.

Some children need medication for life long conditions such as asthma, diabetes or allergies.  When children need medication for conditions such as these we work with parents/carers and medical teams to ensure that there is a up-to-date care plan in place.  Please contact the office should you need any specific information.



Medication Form

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