At Westwood-with-Iford Primary School we aim to help all children enjoy and desire to be mathematicians. We aim to teach the different areas of maths, whilst helping the children to see the links between them. Whichever area of maths we are teaching, we aim to help children to become fluent in both facts and procedures, whilst exposing them to a range of representations to explore the learning in a deep way, so they really 'master' the mathematical concept they are exploring. We use a range of models and representations, using both pictures and physical manipulatives, to support children to understand the maths they are being introduced to. Our aim is to help children be able to apply this learning to real life problems, which they see around in the world.

T o help children learn their early number facts, we use a program called number sense. You can see the addition and subtraction strategies that they learn to use in Key Stage 1 here.

We use ttrockstars to support children to learn their times tables facts, ready for the Multiplication Times Tables Check (MTC) in year 4. 

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