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We are currently working towards our Primary Science Quality mark (PSQM) raising the standard of science across the school and  enthusing the future generation of scientists. We have lots that we wish to share with you.

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Westwood principles of science:

At Westwood-with-Iford Primary School, we believe that children are the future of science and that they must be inspired, taught the knowledge and the skills that will start their scientific journey in education.

The staff at Westwood make sure that the scientific learning starts with the child and their experiences. Our lessons are purposeful, engaging and investigative while ensuring the secure retention of knowledge and learning the skills, mindset and curiosity needed to be a scientist.

Children will know that science is everywhere around them and an important part of their everyday lives.

At Westwood school, we aim for every child to feel that science is for them.

Westwood vision of science:

Vision of science v2 jpeg


Science in school:

Willow class

We are currently learning about different materials.

Maple class

We are learning about classifying different habitats.

Oak class

We have started to learn about classification of living organisms. We loved our elicitation activites.

STEM Club activities this year:

Term 1: Wet and WIld

This was a My Science Club unit and we some of our favourite activities were making and testing out our pressure gauges, rain gauges, learning about the water cycle and making weather vanes.

IMG 0042IMG 0116  

Term 2: What's out there?

A space unit started off this term. We have enjoyed making the solar system and investigating the shape and depth of meteorites.

IMG 0061IMG 0067IMG 0070IMG 0217IMG 0223IMG 0224

Our science ambassadors

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