Behaviour, Attendance & Welfare


Our expectation is that pupils attend school every day for every session. We believe that regular, uninterrupted attendance secures the best possible learning achievement for all our children and we are committed to working in partnership with families to achieve this. Schools are expected to monitor all pupils’ attendance records closely and to share these with the Local Authority and with the next school when pupils transfer.

Headteachers have no discretion to grant leave of absence during term time unless there are genuinely exceptional circumstances. It is the responsibility of parents to contact the school in writing when requesting any leave for their children so that each case can be considered on an individual basis.

School opens at 08.40am and school starts at 08.50am. The register is taken at 08.50am. If a child arrives at school after the start of the school day but within 20 minutes, they will be registered as ‘late’; this is not an unauthorised absence and the child is counted as present for the morning session. Lateness beyond 09:30 am will be counted as an absence. This will be an unauthorised absence unless parents/carers provide the school with an acceptable reason.

Regular and punctuation attendance has a big impact on attainment.  If your child has a regular or persistent absence or lateness and/or attendance persistently below 95% you will be asked to attend a meeting to discuss this. The School’s Education Welfare Officer may become involved at any stage of the School’s attendance monitoring which could lead to a penalty notice (fine) being issued.

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